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Why Recycle
Recycling reduces the potential for future liability as most lighting waste is regulated by the Federal Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), the Toxic Substances Control Act (TCSA), the Superfund liability laws and the Universal Waste Rule. Regulations require that hazardous waste must be properly identified, stored, transported, treated and disposed and that generators are financially responsible for cleaning up the effects of improper disposal. The Universal Waste Rule is designed to promote and simplify the proper management and recycling of certain lighting wastes.      

We can tailor a recycling program to fit you needs. Whether you have a small volumes resulting from spot maintenance or larger volumes as a result of a re-lamp or retrofit project, we have a solution for you. From one facility to multiple locations across the country, we can help. We recycle a variety of lamps and ballasts, including:

Straight fluorescent lamps
Compact, U-shape and circular fluorescent lamps
High Intensity Discharge (HID)lamps
Neon lamps
Shatterproof and other specialty lamps
PCB lamp ballasts
Non-PCB lamp ballasts

Aery Lighting is working with Veolia Hazardous Waste Management services.
Veolia maintains an excellent record of compliance with environmental regulations. This record is ready for inspection at any time. A culture of compliance is a way of life at Veolia, where they manage hazardous and non-hazardous waste with the utmost care. They follow procedures meticulously with  on-site teams, and continue to focus on the details throughout transportation, treatment and disposal.  Their waste processing, storage and disposal locations are routinely audited and certified, and all disposal documentation is verified to assure compliance.

For more information and how Aery Lighting can assist you in your recycling needs call
Nicole at 914 966 3267